Wine Master Lazer

I love wine. No, not just a glass of it. I love the age-old process of grape selection, fermentation and storage. Not to brag, but pursuing this passion of mine filled me with a vast knowledge of everything wine. Bring me any bottle of wine, and I’ll teach you how to drink it, when to drink, and who to drink with. I enjoyed being the wine wizard aka manager in a local wine shop for over 3 years. It was a truly magical experience, sharing simchas with my wine-seeking customers and waving them off to celebrate with the perfect bottle.
And people. I love people. The boisterous cheerful ones who always taste from fifteen different bottles and never remember to spit (yes, that is a thing). The serious mechutan who takes the responsibility of providing a balebatish smorgasbord to heart. With good reason, they all trust me to handpick something special and unique for every occasion. Every customer I meet is the palette to my inner artist, and discovering fabulous selections together excites me each time.
So that’s me. Lazer the Wine Master, a Brooklyn bred wine connoisseur with natural instinct and honed skill. You might get to know me from my fact-packed humorous wine vlogs, or from the many customers whose minds were blown after sharing a L’chaim with me. For me, wine is an immersive experience that I just can’t help but share with the world. Matching people with their wine and earning their implicit trust after nailing their taste each time comes naturally. When you introduce yourself, it won’t be long before I’m your friend, and you’re mine. And soon enough, we’re both good friends of a spectacular bottle of wine.